Winter Fruits

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Thanks for joining us here at Lauren’s Wildflour Bakery! Baking here is not just for a sugar fix… it’s for that to-die-for treat that sends your taste buds spiraling! Our savory and sweet treat are each carefully made with artisan ingredients and fresh products. Our recipes change throughout the season depending on what ingredients we can find at their freshest peaks. Here’s a little information on winter’s seasonal fruits!

Winter is when most citrus fruits are at their sweetest and juiciest. Look for these winter fruits in our winter products for best flavor in season. Specific crops and harvest dates will depend on your region’s climate and most of these are only available locally in warm and temperate regions.


Clementines are small, sweet orange available from December through the winter.

Grapefruit from California, Texas, Florida, and Arizona comes into season in January and stays sweet and juicy into early summer.

Kiwisgrow on vines and are harvested winter through springing warmer and temperate areas.

Lemons tend to be at their best winter and spring.

Mandarins are sweet and juicy in winter.

Meyer Lemons are more seasonal than the ubiquitous Lisbon and Eureka lemons, with the limited commercial harvest running from December or January through May. They have very thin skins, making them difficult to transport and store.

Oranges add sunny brightness to winter eating.

Pears have a season that runs from mid-summer well into winter, depending on the variety and region.

Persimmons are available for a short window in the fall and early winter – look for bright, heavy-feeling fruits.

Pommelos have extremely thick peels covering sweet a sweet grapefruit-like yellow citrus fruit that can be so pale it’s almost white.

Satsumas have loose skins and a super-sweet tangerine flavor. Look for them starting in November and into January.

Tangerines of all sorts are in season at some point over the winter – from November through March.

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  • Lauren, lovely website! (1) I need something to take to the WoWies’ luncheon at Brenda Remme’s this Wed at 12, but i have another event at Grin’s at 11:30.
    Do you have anything already ready or easy to do that you might bring tomorrow to church, to save you a delivery? even the take and bake cookies or whatever you suggest. If too short notice, i’ll pick up something somewhere. (2) thinking more about a possible casserole for between Dec. 19 and 24: chicken and asparagus sounds great.

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